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Shopify only allows 100 SKU's per product. Our Pants have way more than 100 SKU's so development has been done to display a group of products together on the same product page.

Products utilizing this feature have already been created so there are plenty of examples.Please look at any of our Tactix or Specialist Tactical Pants.

Step 1:

Step 2:




How to create similar items or related items for each product. This will show up on the product page in the Similar Items section.




Buy X, Get Y for $XX.XX promotions that are displayed during checkout if the qualifying product is in the cart.

An example promotion has been created for KNIFE. Add a pair of pants to your cart and enter KNIFE in the Discount Code field and click Apply. You will see an offer for a free Copperhead Knife. You can choose either the Tanto or Spear blade.

How to set up the Checkout Promotion:
Go to the Theme Settings and click on the Promotions Tab under General Settings. There will be places to put up to 10 promotions. 

The Checkout Promotions are based on offering up a free or discounted product during checkout. A discount will need to be created first offering 0% off. 

Fill out the following information:




Offer a custom set of collections, products and homepage graphics for a partner.You can see an example of a partner site at

In the Theme settings you will see Partner:Partner name.This is a block of theme settings that can be replicated and changed within the settings_schema file. This will require some JSON knowledge and the ability to edit this schema file.

Here are the fields to set up a partner:

Partner Info


Home Page

Home Page: Collections

Home Page: Articles

There are 2 spots on the homepage Articles. These can be about anything and link to anywhere.







Partner Pricing

Partner pricing lets you change the price of a product for a given partner.

To enable partner pricing, tag a product with '[partner handle] price: [price]'

Example: seattlefire price: 49.95

If there is an upcharge price for larger sizes, then tag the product with '[partner handle] upcharge price: [price]'

Example: seattlefire price: 54.95



Partner Embellishments

Partner Embellishments gives you the ability to add embellishment options to a product page. Embellishment fees for all products in a cart are summed up and put into a line item in the cart called 'Embellishment Fees' that is not visible to the customer.

To enable Partner embellishments on a product, tag a product like this: '[partner handle] | [location] | [feature] | [embellishment fee]

Example: fremontpd | Right Sleeve | Patch | 1.50

Available Locations:
The location that you put in the tag will be passed throughout the order and displayed to the customer. The naming convention for the locations should be any of the following:

Available Embellishment Features:

Tag a product with 'Embellishment Delay' to display the Shipment delay notice which looks like this:

Shipment Delay Notice:
The {{ product.title }} is a fully customized product.
Please allow up to 10 business days for it to ship.

This notice can be changed in the Locale File.



Auto Discount

Auto Discount gives you the ability to visually display promotion code enabled discounts on collection, product, and cart pages.

A customer can enable an Auto Discount by clicking on a link with a promotion code at the end of the URL for any page on the site. The promotion code will be passed all the way to checkout and enabled automatically. You can also enable an Auto Discount that triggers a Checkout Promotion.

To create an auto discount, Navigate to the Auto Discount section in the Theme Settings and put in a value in one of the 20 slots available for Auto Discounts. Follow the following format when entering your discount:

Auto Promo Code: Value | Discount Amount: Value | Limit: Value | Message: Value | Collection: Value

Here is a completed example of a Auto Discount entry:

Auto Promo Code: FTP15KP50 | Discount Amount: 15% | Limit: 0 | Message: SALE: 15% off Select Pants<br><span style="font-size:0.7em; font-weight:200;">Plus save 50% off 1 pair of knee pads with pants purchase</span> | Collection: pants-sale



Product Description

This Theme needs product descriptions to be in a precise format in order for the product page to render properly. Please use the following excel file to generate the HTML for the product descriptions.

Link to Product Description Template Excel File

Each of the columns in the spreadsheet represent content points on the product page. Please see the following image for reference showing where each of those content points go.

Link to Product Description Reference Image

On the excel sheet, modify content in columns A thru T, and then copy the HTML generated in column U.

Paste that HTML into the description field when editing a product. Since it contains HTML, be sure to click on the Show HTML button <> first then paste the generated code in there.



CSS / JavaScript Resource Files

A number of the HTML Templates, CSS and JavaScript files in this theme were created using Webstorm. It utilizes the following tools and technologies: SASS, Bourbon, Neat, UglifyJS, and YUI Compressors.

To download the Webstorm Project please visit the developers GitHub Repository here:

To Purchase Webstorm, please visit

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